Just the Facts:
True Tales of Cops & Criminals

by Jim Doherty

Just the Facts front cover

Bill Tilghman, legendary Oklahoma lawman and town-tamer from the Territorial era to the Roaring Twenties. Richard Crafts, an airline pilot who killed his stewardess wife and fed her frozen body into a rented woodchipper. Hawaiian Policeman Chang Apana, the real Chinese-American detective who inspired Earl Derr Biggers to create Charlie Chan. Their stories and many more are brought to life by Jim Doherty, "Just the Facts" columnist for Mystery Readers Journal.

"This is a well researched, addictive collection of true case studies, some sensational, others little known, all intensely interesting. And one, 'The Mad Doctor and The Untouchable,' will no doubt become a terrific movie."
--Joseph Wambaugh, 2004 Grand Master, Mystery Writers of America

"Jim Doherty combines the cool eye of a law enforcement professional (which he is) with the fiery enthusiasm of a fan (which he also is) in a superb collection of essays detailing the true-crime back-stories of some of mystery fiction’s greatest yarns. These crisp, no-nonsense accounts are hypnotically readable, and the Eliot Ness chapter alone is worth the price of admission."
--Max Allan Collins, author of Road To Perdition

"With his stories of crime and crime-fighters in Chicago and nearby, Jim Doherty told me things about old-time Chicago that I never knew, even though I’ve lived here thirty years. Well-written, well-researched and fascinating!"
--Barbara D’Amato, author of The Doctor, the Murder, the Mystery

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About the Author

Jim Doherty picture in uniform

A police officer for more than a decade, Jim Doherty has served in law enforcement at the local, state, and federal levels, working, at one time or another, for seven different agencies in six different states, and policing a wide variety of jurisdictions, from military bases to college campuses, from inner city streets to suburban parks.

Under his own name he’s written a series of police procedural short stories featuring a roving cop named Dan Sullivan, who’s moved around almost as much as Jim. Sullivan stories have appeared in Blue Murder, Mystery Buff, Hand Held Crime, and Writers’ Journal, among other venues.

He’s also written private eye stories as Kenneth Thornton Samuels and western/mystery hybrids as Scott Morrison, and is the author of a book about Raymond Chandler, available on the Internet and used as the text for an on-line course on Chandler he teaches for Barnes & Noble University.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jim’s currently a resident of Chicago, where he lives with his wife (and occasional collaborator), Katy. A member of the Mystery Writers of America, the British Crime Writers Association, the Private Eye Writers of America, the American Crime Writers League, the Short Mystery Fiction Society, and the Police Writers Association, he describes himself as "not much of a joiner."